{Steamy Historical Review} The Daring Duke by @JessMichaelsBks

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{Steamy Historical Review} The Daring Duke by @JessMichaelsBksThe Daring Duke by Jess Michaels
Published by The Passionate Pen on March 14th 2017
Genres: Historical, Romance
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The first book of the much anticipated 1797 Club series from USA Today Bestselling author Jess Michaels. The Dukes are coming!

The wild and charismatic Duke of Abernathe is the kind of friend anyone would wish to have. He even formed the 1797 Club, consisting of ten men who would all be dukes. But he has full-throatedly declared he will never marry and no one understands why.

But Miss Emma Liston doesn’t care why. A longtime wallflower with an absentee father who is a scandal waiting to happen, she needs to marry. Now. She decides to take a wild chance and ask the help of her friend Meg’s brother James. She asks him to pretend he’s interested in her just long enough to gain the attention of others. He agrees but is quickly taken aback by how easy everything is with Emma.

When her father returns, threatening her with a terrible future, their courtship swiftly becomes all too real. Will James ever reveal the true man beneath the outer shell? And can Emma discover her own worthiness before it’s too late?

I received this book for free. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

At the age of fourteen, James Rylon made a decision that would change the course of many lives. Along with his best friends Simon and Graham, they started The 1797 Club. The clubs members consist of young men who will inherit a dukedom. The men of the 1797 band together to learn how to become the best leaders they can since some men can’t bother to teach their sons. Especially James’ father, the cruel Duke of Abernathe.

Flash forward to 1810, James is now the 15th Duke of Abernathe. He vowed long before never to marry and let the title die or pass on to distant family member. That was before he met Miss Emma Liston.

Emma is the daughter of a third son from a small viscounty. Although her grandfather is well respected, her father had been cut off long ago and with it, many of their society connections. Mr. Liston’s gambling and debauchery is a constant threat to Emma and her mother. Her mother is terrified the next time Liston remembers his family, he will bring a scandal that will make a match for Emma impossible. Emma must marry as soon as possible. Through her new friendship with James’ sister, Meg, Emma is able to befriend James and obliterate her wallflower status. Through an unusual arrangement, James agrees to a false courtship with Emma to elevate her prospects while keeping the marriage minded mamas away from him.

Michaels started this series with a bang! James and Emma are strong, dynamic characters with wastrels for parents. From the moment they meet, both James and Emma feel an undeniable spark. They have much more in common than they could ever imagine. James tries to deny the spark but soon begins a fire that will never be tamed. Michaels weaves several different threads together, some taut, others barely holding together, yet they form the perfect story. A very large curve hit me hard as I was not expecting it at all, but it was the perfect way to lead to happily ever after.

The Daring Duke is the first book in the exciting new 1797 Club series. Jess Michaels will be busy over the next few years. The remaining nine novels are planned to be released through 2018. I can’t wait to read each and every one!

The 1797 Club Series

The Daring Duke – James Rylon, Duke of Abernathe

Her Favorite Duke – Simon Greene, Duke of Crestwood – June 2017

The Broken Duke – Graham Everly, Duke of Northfields – September 2017

The Silent Duke – Ewan Hoffstead, Duke of Donburrow – November 2017

The Duke of Nothing – Baldwin Undercross, Duke of Sheffield – January 2018

The Undercover Duke – Lucas Vincent, Duke of Willowy – March 2018

The Duke of Hearts – Matthew Cornwallis, Duke of Tyndall – May 2018

The Duke Who Lied – Hugh Margolis, Duke of Brighthollow – August 2018

The Duke of Desire – Robert Smithton, Duke of Roseford – October 2018

The Last Duke – Christopher Collins, Duke of Kingsacre – November 2018

For more info on the series, go http://www.1797club.com and join the club!

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USA Today Bestselling author Jess Michaels likes geeky stuff, Vanilla Coke Zero, anything coconut, cheese, fluffy cats, smooth cats, any cats, many dogs and people who care about the welfare of their fellow humans. She watches too much daytime court shows, but just enough Once Upon a Time (CaptainSwan FOR LIFE). She is lucky enough to be married to her favorite person in the world and live in a beautiful home on a golf course lake in Northern Arizona.

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